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Dedicated to the Classic 1955-1957 Thunderbird


 Welcome to Nebraskaland Thunderbird Club

The club was formed in 1975 to allow members collegial and social interaction centering around ownership and enjoyment of 1955-57 classic Ford Thunderbirds. Owner members desired a forum to share advice and expertise. The early club members also participated actively in the Shriner organization. The club's headquarters is in Omaha, Nebraska and it serves members throughout Nebraska and Western Iowa. The club is affiliated with Classic Thunderbird Club International (CTCI) and is Chapter 65 of CTCI Region 5 which represents the middle of the U.S. The club philosophy is to enjoy, own, restore, preserve, show, and drive classic 1955-1957 Thunderbirds. Multiple events are scheduled throughout the year to allow members to meet the above objectives. The club is family oriented in its activities and sponsors several charitable organizations. Individuals or families interested in club membership should contact Martin Bierman at 402-289-4516 or e-mail at nefron1@cox.net. Membership dues are $15.00 yearly, due January 1st. Members receive the monthly newsletter, Thunderwords. Ownership of a T-Bird is not a requirement for club participation and membership. Membership in Classic Thunderbird Club International (CTCI) is encouraged. CTCI may be contacted at ctci.org for information and registration. Members receive a bi-monthly magazine, The Early Bird, and have reduced rates for manuals and restoration guides. CTCI sponsors an international convention on even years and several regional conventions on odd years. ctci.org  Follow us on our Facebook page by clicking the link below:



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